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New Mosin-Nagant Gear from Brass Stacker

Brass Stacker will release a number of new Mosin-Nagant parts and accessories in 2014 according to the company’s website. Among them are:

  • 10 round magazine,
  • recoil absorbing butt pad,
  • flash hider for shortened and threaded barrels,
  • peep sights, and
  • steel targets that can handle steel core surplus ammo.
Military Rifles

Mosin-Nagant Detachable Magazine and Stock

There is a new Mosin-Nagant replacement stock being made by Archangel.  For a variety of reasons, making a detachable magazine for the Mosin-Nagant rifles has been difficult.  The basic rifle design is more than 120 years old, so adapting it to modern conventions is bound to have a few difficulties.

A quick check of YouTube found this video from mixflip on the new Mosin-Nagant stocks from the ProMag/Archangel booth at the SHOT Show:


Timney Triggers Introduces Mosin Nagant Trigger

timney-trigger-01aI love my Mosin Nagant rifles.  Like many M-N owners, I own several.  And at less than $100 for a fine shooting surplus rifle, most Mosin owners start small collections.

One of the common complaints from Mosin Nagant shooters is that the triggers on most of the rifles is somewhere between kinda awful and flat-out awful.  Considering  I only paid $70 each for my M-n rifles, the triggers aren’t bad, but they are heavy and gritty.  That’s about to change.

Timney Triggers introduced a trigger for the Mosin Nagant rifles.  Quoting consumer demand as the driving force behind this product’s development, Timney is selling the triggers right now on their web site for $89.95.

The trigger pulls are adjustable between 1 1/2 and 4 pounds, and a three pound pull ships standard.  Timney incorporated a trigger blocking side safety, heat treated components and an aluminum housing.

Military Shooting Gear

Foreign Weapons Field Tool Kit

brownells_foreign_toolsBrownells introduced the Foreign Weapons Field Kit, a tool kit designed to service Soviet-bloc firearms in the field.  This tool kit may be of great interest to Special Forces and other allied troops who work closely with the indigenous peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the thousands of military surplus firearms collectors here in the United States.

The kit contains tools for servicing a variety of Soviet-type foreign weapons, including the AK-47/AKM assault rifle, PK/PKM/PKMS 7.62mm machine gun, Dragunov SVD sniper rifle, DShK/DShKM 12.7mm machine gun, and RPG-7 grenade launcher.

The foreign weapons field kit lets you field-strip these weapons quickly for cleaning, maintenance, adjustment, and repair without the confusion and down time spent scrounging for the proper tools.