Crimson Trace CMR 203(G): Inexpensive Green Laser

Review of the Crimson Trace CM203 green laser

While at Media Day I stopped in and checked out the new offerings from Crimson Trace.  The CMR 203 (G – for green) immediately caught my eye for its ambidextrous controls, and ease of mount to a pistol or rifle rail.


Crimson Trace advises this laser system is designed to be universal to any M1913 Picatinny or Weaver Accessory rails, with (4) fit inserts included.  This laser can be mounted to pistols, rifles, or shotguns.  The CMR 203(G) easily mounts to the rail system and is secured by two retention screws.


Crimson Trace Defender Series Lasers

Crimson Trace Accu-Guard XD(m)

Thanks to the good folks at Crimson Trace, I had a first look at the new Defender Series lasers they announced this week.  The Defender Series is a collection of red lasers aimed at the budget market.  The lasers run from $129 – 149 MSRP.  This is significantly less expensive than some of the other offerings from Crimson Trace.

According to Jeff Goddard, Director of Sales for Crimson Trace, the company is able to make the lasers less expensive by reducing the options on the units, not by using cheaper parts.  This means the customer should get the same high quality they have come to expect from all of the lasers in the Crimson Trace line.

Optics and Sighting Systems

Pink Lasers

Pink crimson traceCrimson Trace is making pink versions of their lasers for the Smith & Wesson J-frame and the Ruger LCP.  According to Crimson Trace, these pink lasers are part of the “…ever-growing number of products aimed squarely at the female market…”  Crimson Trace stated they had customers asking for their products in colors other than black, and some female customers specifically requested pink.

While I have no doubt that pink was requested by some women, I have to wonder about the stereotypical choice of pink matched to small guns that I have seen many ignorant men push onto women as a self-defense gun.  I’m sure you’ve heard the “Little gun for the little lady” BS before.  I know I have seen it more times than I care to recall.

Maybe the marketing research done by Crimson Trace supports the decision to offer pink on just these two pistols.