Industry Day at the Range: The Death of Media Day?

Industry Day at the Range – is this the death of Media Day?  There would seem to be significant changes coming to Media Day at the Range.  Two of them are already in place.  Those changes suggest many more to come.

Industry Day At The Range
The new Industry Day at the Range logo.

The first change is a new logo, which no longer includes the word media.  Instead, it announces the name “Industry Day at the Range.”  The second change is the new web address of  The old address of redirects to the new, though the implementation is not complete across the website.

The obvious inference that can be drawn from these changes is that the range day will no longer be a media event.  While it isn’t likely to exclude all media, I suspect the list of media attendees will be much shorter than years past to allow for many other people from the shooting industry to attend.  I speculate that some manufacturers want the opportunity to have distributors and retailers to shoot new products.

If my guesses are accurate, and sweeping changes are underway, what will the altered focus of the range day mean for the new media?  I suspect the changes will have a limiting effect of information distribution across the internet.


Crimson Trace CMR 203(G): Inexpensive Green Laser

Review of the Crimson Trace CM203 green laser

While at Media Day I stopped in and checked out the new offerings from Crimson Trace.  The CMR 203 (G – for green) immediately caught my eye for its ambidextrous controls, and ease of mount to a pistol or rifle rail.


Crimson Trace advises this laser system is designed to be universal to any M1913 Picatinny or Weaver Accessory rails, with (4) fit inserts included.  This laser can be mounted to pistols, rifles, or shotguns.  The CMR 203(G) easily mounts to the rail system and is secured by two retention screws.


H&K MR762A1 Rifle

Heckler & Koch brought some new toys to Media Day 2012. The rifle that caught my attention the most was the new H&K MR762A1. This rifle is the 7.62 mm version modeled after the company’s MR556A1, which is chambered in 5.56 mm. This is the civilian model of the H&K 416 that was developed for military and law enforcement use.

HK MR762A1

The rifle sports the H&K gas piston system, ambidextrous features, and 10-round standard polymer magazines with the ability to accept the 20-round versions designed for the 416. The MR762A1 also offers a whole lot more.


2012 Media Day at the Range

2012 Media Day at the RangeEvery year, the day before the SHOT Show has been Media Day at the Range.  It is a chance for vendors and reporters from the firearms industry to meet at the range and get hands-on time with all of the new guns coming out in the new year.  It is at Media Day that I have gotten my hands on the first Ruger LCR revolvers, Gen 4 Glock pistols and some pretty trick stuff from Wilson Combat.

The 2012 Media Day at the Range promises to be even better than in the years past.  Previously, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (the organization that puts on the SHOT Show) has not been a participant at Media Day.  This year, however, the NSSF is throwing their weight behind the event.