SIG M400 Varminter

SIG M400 Varminter SHOT Show

The SIG M400 Varminter is a new hunting rifle using the AR15/modern sporting rifle platform.  Designed for precision, long range taking of varmints, this M400 is chambered in 5.56 and has a variety of options and features that will be appreciated by many hunters.

First off, the M400 Varminter uses a 22″ match grade, heavy barrel.  The fluted barrel is stainless steel and has a 1:9″ twist, which is fine for stabilizing lighter weight bullets frequently used for varmints.  While a 1:8″ twist is better for heavier bullets, it is literally fast enough to spin apart some lightweight, compressed metal bullets.


SIG P290 Rainbow

SIG P290 Rainbow photo

The SIG P290 Rainbow is another in a series of multi-chromatic pistols introduced by the company over the past several years.  While some people hate the look, there are a lot of people who really like it.

At this year’s SHOT Show, SIG Sauer showed the latest of these color changing handguns, and I have to say it looks a lot better in person that it does in photos.  I’m not sure I would ever buy one, but they are eye-catching.


SIG P238 Tribal

The SIG P238 Tribal is just one of the new variations of existing guns that SIG Sauer showed at the SHOT Show this year. Generally, the company will roll out several variations of their popular guns at the show, with some of them becoming permanent additions to the line, while others become limited runs. The P238 line has seen quite a few variations during the past few years.

The P238 Tribal is little different from the standard pistol in function and size. The gun is still a single-action, subcompact handgun chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge. It has a 2.7″ barrel length and weighs only 15.2 ounces (unloaded and without a magazine.)


SIG MPX: Video and Details

SIG MPX video

“The next generation of submachine gun is here,” states a SIG Sauer video demonstrating the all new SIG MPX.  The SIG MPX is a new submachine gun that the company is expected to show off at next week’s SHOT Show.

There are a number of features that really set this gun apart from others in this category.  First, according to the video, the SIG MPX is the world’s first submachine gun to work with a fully closed and locked rotating bolt system.  The gun uses the SIG Sauer short stroke gas piston system that the company has used on their other rifles.  There is a last round hold open.


SIG 1911 Spartan

SIG 1911 Spartan picture

THIS IS SPARTA…or at least a 1911 commemorating the ancient Greek nation-state.  The SIG 1911 Spartan is a special edition, full-size 1911 with a great looking finish.  While I am sure this gun will shoot, this is an awesome bar-b-que gun.

The finish is an oil-rubbed bronze Nitron finish, while the engraved “Molon Labe” on the slide is 24k gold inlayed.  Controls and other accents are black.  The grips are Hogue Spartan grips.

As one would expect, the 1911 Spartan is chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge.  Both the hammer and the trigger are skeletonized.  The pistol comes with a single magazine.  Both the frame and the slide are made of stainless steel.