Taurus Judge Public Defender

Taurus Public Defender

Taurus introduced the “Public Defender” revolver, another in the line of the Judge revolvers, at the 2009 SHOT Show.

Chambering the same .45 Colt and .410 shotshells as the other handguns in the Judge line, the Public Defender is built on a smaller frame (the 85 series frame), and is clearly designed for concealed carry.  The Public Defender still chambers five rounds, yet is smaller and lighter, weighing only 28.2 ounces for the stainless or blued versions, and 26 ounces for the blued steel/titanium cylinder model.

The Public Defender has a three inch barrel topped with a red fiber optic sight.  The rear sight is a fixed notch.  The hammer has been reduced, meaning it is less likely to catch on clothing during a draw, but it can still be cocked for a single action, precision shot.  The Public Defender wears a set of the Taurus Ribber grips.

Taurus Judge Public Defender

The Public Defender felt a touch front-heavy, but that is probably a good thing for helping to manage recoil.  While this gun is nowhere near the size of a J-frame snubbie, it is noticeably smaller than the previous Judge models.  If you want to carry a .410/.45 Colt, this is the best package to do it concealed.

I spoke with a sales rep on day one of SHOT who said the pricing on the Public Defender would be around $500 for the blued and stainless models.  The titanium model will be about $600.  A Taurus rep on day two of SHOT also quoted me the same general numbers.

Public Defender Taurus Judge


Since its introduction at the 2009 SHOT Show, the Taurus Public Defender has become one of the more popular handguns in this series of Brazilian revolvers.  The Public Defender is a more compact version of the Judge and is therefore much easier to carry concealed.  This gun matched up with some .410 loads specifically designed for these revolvers could be a devastating close-defense firearm.

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  • George

    I got one the end of December. It was defective. Sent it back to Taurus unfired. Got a letter today that said it would be 5 to 6 weeks! Must have some serious QC issues if they are backed up that far. Very dissapointing, would not buy Taurus again.

  • chris

    what a great looking revolver!!very compact.this self defense weapon will fit very nicely into my wifes purse.looking forward to purchasing.

  • http://www.GunsHolstersAndGear.com admin


    Thanks for stopping by.

    Taurus said they have not started shipping the Public Defender yet. Did you get another one of the Judge series?

    I see that you did not shoot it. What was the defective part?

    Help us out with the details.


  • War Wolf

    I was at my retailer when a fella came in with a brand-new Judge that had a defect too. The cylinder would not spin or open and he had it loaded with .410. The Gunsmith took it in the back and was able to get the loads out but the cylinder was still not functioning. I still want one so I hope they get all the bugs worked out for the Public Defender.

  • Terry

    My son and I have Judges. No problems/issues with either one. We really enjoy them. You do have to careful with brands of 410 ammo. Remington, Federal, and Winchester do best.

  • Anthony

    The shop where I work has sold several of these over the past few months. We have had one come back with a “locked up cylinder”. Apparently, it is a common occurance as a quick explaination to the gunsnith revealed the problem and the fix. “Oh yeah? You used 3″inch shells, didn’t you? You’re gonna need one of the really thin razorblades and a couple pair of pliers…” The 3″ shell will just fit into the cylinder unfortunately the crimped portion of the 3″ .410 shell expands into the forcing cone bridging the gap from the cylinder to the barrel locking the action.

    • CURT

      Did you just cut the end of the shell off? same thing happened to me today. i used 3# Renington shells. it fired once and then the cylinder locked up. i finally got it open enough to remove 3 shells. one of the shells has a small part of the crimped end stuck where the cylinder meets the barrel. i think i can slice it off with a thin razor.

      • CURT

        Sorry 3″ Remington. Mine is chambered for 3″ shells but some appear to be almost a 1/4 inch too long. Once i free it up i will not use 3″ shells again

  • Greg Halm

    I bought the 3 inch barrel Judge and 3 inch shells and they do not fit. Why?

  • http://www.GunsHolstersAndGear.com admin


    The barrel length has nothing to do with the chamber length. Not knowing which model you have, I would guess your Judge is chambered for the 2 1/2″ .410 shells.

    Taurus does make a Judge that will chamber the 3″ shells, but many of them chamber only the 2 1/2″ shot shells. The specs should be in your user manual.

    Good luck,


  • Michael

    Good advice Terry. Federal now has a specialized load for the Judge. It’s called “.410 Handgun” Premium Personal Defense and carries (4 pellet) 000 Buck.

    I like my Judge for its versatility in ammo and in-vehicle protection. However, for home defense, IMHO you can’t beat a short barrel 12-gauge.

  • Marshall

    Do we have any dates on when the new judge will be released and in Stores? I ve been saving up for one and was just gonna wait and get the new one!

  • dennis smith

    where can I find a holster for my 3” judge,
    also 3”-410 shot shells ?.

  • Phil

    I own a Judge and I absolutely love it. The comments regarding jams and other problems are most likely related to the use of incorrect ammo.

    Problem #1 is that many Judge purchasers mistake the specs on the barrel length (almost all are 3″) for the chamber length (either 2.5″ or 3″). As noted above, crimped 3″ cartridges will occasionally fit in the 2.5″ chambers and can cause some major problems when they are fired. Just because the chamber can fit it doesn’t mean you should fire it! BTW, the .454 and the .460 will also fit, but should never be fired from the Judge due to the cartridge pressures. Solution: know your gun. Make absolutely sure that your chamber length is 3″; your owner’s manual should be able to help you (your gun dealer may or may not be able to help you).

    Problem #2 is one that buyers aren’t always aware of. Ribbed cartridges expand when fired and jam up in the cylinder. Watch out because a lot of the cheap Remington stuff is ribbed. Solution: Check your ammo before you buy it; I’ve had the best luck with Winchester.

    Hope I was of some help. Good luck!

  • Darrel

    I have two chamber for the 3 inch shells and I love them.

  • Thomas

    I own the judge and I feel it is a great gun to carry on the trail for self-defence , putting one round of .45 Colt followed by a round of .410 buckshot in the cyclinder ! I wish that Taurus would make an interchangable cyclinder in .45 ACP that could be used with the Judge as .45 Colt ammo is expensive and more difficult to obtain than .45 ACP ammo !

  • Phil

    Agreed! .45LC is insanely expensive. It’s nice to have that kind of stopping power, but it sure would be cool to have another option for shooting at the range.

    I’ve been leaving it at home for my wife with four 2.5″ 000 buck followed by one .45LC. I load it with the 2.5″ because she can’t handle the kick of the 3″ as well (better to have all 13 hits on target than to have 21 off target). When I carry, I simply upgrade to the 3″ 000. At times I will open with a #4 round, just in order to get something on target before using the harder-hitting rounds. Half the fun of this gun is the options in the arrangement of the rounds.

  • Thomas

    As a side note , why Taurus should make an interchangable .45 ACP cyclinder for the Judge , today I went to one of my local gun stores and the price for a box of .45 Colt was $35 plus tax ! The last time I was at the Walmart when .45 ACP was avilable it was $15 a box ! So this is not ammo (.45 Colt) that a person could afford to shoot several boxes for target practice ! Even lately .410 is becoming rather pricey , ammo that once was $ 6 a box now is $13 a box and up ! I have been lucky in that I have found an individual who sells reloads in the .45 Colt for $15 , but always know the person whom you buy your reloads from , as an amateur unfamiliar with reloading ammo could destroy your weapon or cause you injury or death with a dangerous reload !

  • Thomas

    Besides the Taurus Judge I also own a Bond derringer in the caliber .45/.410 and to be honest I have never been very impressed with the .410 shot out of this derringer especially with the smaller shot loads #6 and higher , lots of noise but , very limited penetration , the buckshot seems to be the best to use in the .410 unless you plan on killing snakes at very close range less than 15 feet . And something very important to remember make sure the Taurus Judge is legal in your state before you buy this weapon and carry it in your car to protect against car-jackers , California I know does not allow ownership of the Judge or any of the shotgun type derringers , Bond , American Arms etc ! So even using this weapon against a car-jacker in California could bring legal problems and even a law suit from the criminal’s family if he is blinded or badly wounded and his family should decide to hire a good lawyer ! Remember lawyers can smell big pay offs like a shark can smell blood ! Just something to think about !

  • Phil

    Regarding ammo prices, if you just want some good .410 to practice with, check out Wal-Mart. I was able to 2.5″ .410 @ $7 per 25. Granted its just birdshot, but its fine for practice.

    About the whole legality thing, I found it interesting how Taurus was able to circumvent the federal laws regarding “sawed-off shotguns.” They rifled the barrel. =)

  • Phil

    Dennis asked earlier about holsters…Blackhawk used to make a good one, but I’m having trouble finding it on their website. Also, 3″ ammo is a little hard to find, but your local gun store should have some (albeit rather pricey).

  • Thomas

    I very interesting local storey here in Arizona which had nation wide coverage ” Bobcat wanders into a Cottonwood bar and attacks three individuals ” needless to say this bobcat had rabies , now the bite victims must undergo the expensive and painful rabies shots ! This is one excellent reason to carry the Taurus Judge especially when hiking in remote wildness areas ! Unfortunately the bobcat attack occured inside a bar ! It is illegal to carry a gun in an Arizona bar at this time !

  • Ron

    Does anyone know what the correct barrel length is for the blue/titanium revolver, the box flap in the pictures above says 3″ and that does not look like a 3″barrel to me. Is it a 1 -1/2″. and what is the barrel rifling twist rate?? One more question, does anyone know when the will be available for purchase??

  • Stymie

    The Taurus website has not even posted info/pictures of this new Public Defender” model. The April issue of AMERICAN RIFLEMAN says it has “a ported barrel and an underlug Picatinny accessory rail” …along with a picture on page 63.

    I own an older stainless Judge with the chrome finish, the 3″ barrel and a 2 1/2″ chamber. I’m absolutely pleased with it for trail carry and secondary home defense. Michael (Feb 18) is spot on with his recommendation of a short 12-ga. for home defense. Absolutely!

    Personally and IMHO, I think Taurus is trying too hard to make the Judge a gun “for all purposes.”

    If you want concealed carry, there are so many better choices in revolvers than this Judge with what indeed looks like a 1 1/2″ barrel (Ron Mar 28). Rifling that short, no matter what the twist, will spray .410 shot far and wide except at very close range. You’ll be limited to .410 slugs for any decent accuracy. I’d prefer the 6″ barrel if my life depended on any .410 ammo.

    If you want to chase a hard-to-find new model for concealed carry, I’d rather go searching for a new Ruger LCR and fill it with easy-to-find .38+P. If you love chasing elusive butterflies, try to track down the sweet Hornady .38 Critical Defense ammo. Good luck with that!

    I’m a little saddened to see Taurus trying to turn the beautiful Judge into a product that not only shoots, but is also a “tomato slicer, garlic chopper, cheese grater, windshield ice scraper, and golf ball cleaner.”

  • griv

    The barrel extends into the frams so it is 3″. I have a 2 1/2 Ultra-lite and a 3″ and they are absolutely awesome to shoot. I’m sure the problems have been due to firing 3″ shells in a 2.5″ chamber mistakenly thinking about the 3″ barrel. I carry a S&W 340PD but consider the Judge series to the best close support personal defense gun out there. I use both the Winchester 000 buck 36 mm 3 and 5 shot .410 shells as well as the 3″ Silver Bear sabot slugs. I might pick up the Ultra-lite Public Defender as my car weapon but I don’t understand why it weights 4 ounces MORE than the Ulta-lite which is 22.4 oz.

    Some cool looking guns.

  • Dave

    I own a Taurus Night Court Judge and I love it.
    I carry it with a lot as a farmer and as my backup gun while hunting.
    It is also now my primary home defense gun.

    I bought the Judge Night Court because of the verstility of the ammo selection, shorter barrel compared to a standard Judge and its a revolver. I have shot over 200 rds ea of .410 & 45 LC and have yet to have a problem. Have even let others shot it and it is amazing how well they decide they like its feel. Most the end up buying a Judge will get the 5 1/2 or 7 1/2 barrel. They don’t like the wide spread of shot with the 3in barrel.

    The only issue, and this is not a complaint, is that shooting so much shot thru the gun it does scar a bit of the cylinder end of the barrel.
    I have noticed that some of the 45 LC rd will now tumble a bit. (about 1 in 7-8rds)

    But with a 3inch barrel, I was not looking to do long range shooting with it. Even the tumbled round still hit a Q target at 15yd firing them single handed.

    Plus the Night Court Judge has made many individuals stop and wonder what you have in your hand. And hesistation can be a benefit if you are attempting to defend your self.

    If you are looking for a firearm/handgun that is very good at one thing, the Taurus Judge is probably should not be your weapon of choice. But if you are wanting versitility and choice of ammo types, the Taurus Judge series is worth considering.

    I also use the Night Court as one of my CCH weapons.

  • Thomas

    Another very interesting weapon that a person on occasion sees at the gun shows is the “Super Comanche” a single shot .45/.410 pistol , I have seen these weapons used for between $150-$200 , they shoot not only the .45Colt but both the 2 1/2 and 3 inch .410 and with the 10 inch barrel the weapon is very accurate , I have shot the Super Comanche and I was very impressed , but the one disadvantage it is a single shot , but like the Judge a great home defence weapon .

  • Thomas

    On our local news this evening more hikers in the Flagstaff area are being bitten by small animals , foxes , shunks and bobcats who are infected with rabies(5 this week alone) , this is more reason than ever to carry the Judge while hiking , I am going to carry my Judge whenever I hike in any remote area .

  • Josh

    Just to let all you confused Judge owners know, I work at a gun shop and we figured out that one of the main problems that people have been having with ammo not working is that the barrel is made to shoot american made 410 ammo. DO NOT buy european ammo as it is measured differently than american made ammo.

  • Phil


  • Phil

    Who was confused?

  • Thomas

    I was at the Phoenix Arizona gun show this past weekend , I have never seen so many people at a gun show in my life (thousands) , the line to go into the show was well over a mile long ! I seen a few Taurus .45/.410 Judges for sale all were $500 and up !I did notice that Federal ammo offers .410 buckshot ammo especially for the Taurus Judge $14.95 a box , .45 Colt ammo was terribly high even for factory reloads , people were buying ammo by the cases and by the end of the day most of the popular calibers were sold out ! I will not go to the Phoenix gun shows in either the July show or the September show , standing in line for over an hour in 110 plus degree heat is not my idea of fun !

  • coby

    purchased judge with 3in barrel, 2.5in chamber. shot only 6-2.5 birdshot shells, and 2-.45 lc the barrel seems to be rusted possibly, took back to bass pro, and they claimed it was fine. Anyone else have same problems, or have an answer?

  • Dennis

    Check eBay for Judge holsters. There are some quality custom Leather holsters for both the 2&1/2 and 3″ Judges

  • Shu-dog

    I have recently bought the Public Defender in stainless..459$/ w/out sales tax in MT. I did have some preconceived thoughts of being able to use this for grouse in the mountains but have not found shot that will group well enough to knock a grouse out of the top of the tree. I have found that the gun seems to be a great self defense gun. When I,m talking self defense I look at all threats, from dogs, mountain lions, free range heifers, rattle snakes, moose, bear, and last but not least humans. I live in the mountains in Montana and I love this gun. It gives me a lot of options for defense loads and is small enough to hide inside the pants for concealed carry. Although this gun might be limited in what it can do I find that it is unmatched in what it can do. What I mean is for a self defense gun for ranges under 25 feet it is great, like all weapons a person must know its limits and strengths, and practice practice practice!

  • dan m

    I just purchased this firearm and I am impressed with it. Although the hammer is a challenge at first but with practice you can get used to it. It handles as good as any snubbie and with the 410 you can’t miss. This is am impressive piece.

  • Chad LaFarge

    Had 410 jam problem this weekend, too. I DO have 3″ chamber. Appears to be the ribbed shell issue mentioned above. Not only did the shell kick back in the chamber (chamber won’t advance easily to next round), it expanded in the chamber making it difficult to remove. Don’t like having to force it to eject like that, and don’t want to have it come up when SHTF.

    Winchester SuperX 000 are awesome. Remington Express Long Range are much LESS than awesome.

  • rusty still

    i had trouble with mixed of shotgun shells .seams that the brass is thicker,or thiner that causes miss aliment . it would shoot and miss the next brand shoot again and miss. so shoot the same brand of shotgun shells. i love my judge ,its the best snake gun i ever had.

  • Matt Winn

    I bought a public defender a couple of weeks ago. After firing two rounds, I couldn’t drop the hammer after pulling the trigger. I just froze up. Has anybody else had that happen?

  • Matt Winn

    I bought a Public Defender a couple of weeks ago. After firing two rounds, I couldn’t drop the hammer after pulling the trigger. It just froze up. Has anybody else had that happen?

  • http://www.theholsterstore.com Travis

    We are making holsters for these – If you want check them out.

  • Doug H

    As a red-blooded, law-abiding, Calif CCW, NRA lifer who cannot purchase a Judge legally here in the ‘great’ Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein regulated liberal B.S., where would one go to be able to possess one without actually moving to a more Constitutionally-driven state? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, and God Bless!

  • Dave W

    Well I sent my Public Defender back after the first 50 rounds, it malfunctioned about 10 times. The “reset the timing” and it was supposedly fine. Well today, I shot 5 cylinders full and it malfunctioned 1 to 2 times EVERY 5 shots. I give up!! Im gonna make a boat anchor out of it…..Well maybe send it back one more time, then sink it!!!!

  • Dave W

    And yes I DO know the difference in Federal Premimum handgun ammo made specifically for the Judge and the other 410 “3 pellet” buckshot and rifled slugs out there..

  • david loftus

    I purchased the awesome Taurus Public Defender back in December 2010. Took it out about a week later to qualify for adding on to my NV CCW. Fired about 4 cylinders and only could get off about 2 rounds per cylinder. Imediately took it to a well known certified gunsmith. Was advised that 3 of the 5 chambers were “out of time”.
    Sent it back to Taurus – still waiting for a response.
    I have confidence in Taurus in correcting the problem as they standby thier products. Has anyone elese had trouble with the timing on the Taurus Judge revolver.
    Thank You
    Dave in Las Vegas

  • Steve J

    i got the public defender it is a finiky gun fed ammo only strickly double action after 10 rds make sure ammo is all the way in gets foul quickly

  • Travis B.

    Bought Public Defender at gun show last weekend.Went looking just to buy this model@ 9 oclock there was so many people there ot on of only two at the whole show.I thought I was gonna have to use it cause people were trying to take it out my hand while I waited on background check and box .Awesome gun for the versitility.Hammer takes a minute to get used no problems with mine yet and it was shot about 200 times with all different ammo for my buddies are also interested in.

  • Justin B

    I bought the Judge in the 3″ magnum version. The shell when fired get stuck into the cylinder and have to be popped out with a screwdriver. Also when fired every now and then the shell backs out and lock up the cylinder so the gun wont fire. I gave them a hard time and they agreed to pay for shipping since the gun wasnt even two weeks old. They said they are 5 weeks backe dup on repairs. My firearms dealer/gunsmith said its a common problem witht the 3″. hes had four others that have had to be sent back.

  • Justin B

    I bought the Judge in the 3″ magnum version. The shell when fired get stuck into the cylinder and have to be popped out with a screwdriver. Also when fired every now and then the shell backs out and lock up the cylinder so the gun wont fire. I gave them a hard time and they agreed to pay for shipping since the gun wasnt even two weeks old. They said they are 5 weeks backed up on repairs. My firearms dealer/gunsmith said its a common problem with the 3″. hes had four others that have had to be sent back.

  • SteveH

    I have two. One chambered for 3″ shells w/ a 3″ barrel and a Public Defender. I’ve had no problems with the 3″ but sent the PD back for repair. Occasionally the gun would jam when firing DA. I’ll be getting it back tomorrow.
    As for ammo, the Federal Handgun Ammunition is superb. With my PD the groups are about the size of a baseball at 7yds! The reason for this (IMHO)is the 000 buck is encased in a sleeve (not sure the correct name) which appears to prevent the buck shot from actually contacting the grooves of the bore so they don’t spin. The sleeve falls away as the pellets leave the muzzle.
    Shooting REGULAR 000 buck from the PD produced a pattern larger than a volleyball at 7yds. And about the size of a softball when fired out of the 3″ barrel
    Me? I like the Judge. It’s a superb close range weapon when loaded with the proper ammunition.
    As to 12″ of penetration? That case is made on the assumption you may have to fire at someone from the side maybe having to shoot through an arm bone or from the front and have the bullet penetrate all the way to the spine.
    Here are some Ballistics from Wiley Clapp. They are 3″ shells fired from a 3″ barrel. Winchester Buck 000 three pellets – 777 fps and 295 ft-lbs. 45 Colt Remington 225Gr LSWC – 778 fps and 302 ft-lbs.
    Go here to download the pdf version of Wiley’s test.
    Now I’m not sure but three pellets hitting with 295 ft-lbs is 295×3=885 ft-lbs. That’s ALOT of force creating (in this case) three separate wound trails. And what if you only get 6″ of penetration? Put your finger on your chest and think 6″…

  • Mark S.

    I took my new Taurus Ultralight Judge to the range today and it would shoot .45 Long Colt fine but the cylinder would lock up and not advance with either Federal handgun specific shotshells of Winchester shot shells.

  • Dan Schrader

    I have about 100 rounds through my new Public Defender with perfect results. No problems at all. I’ve shot 45LC, .410 (000) buckshot, .410 slug and bird shot. I’m very satisfied at this point and am considering another Judge with the longer barrel.

  • Scott Myers

    Fired my Public Defender this weekend. Terribly disappointed. Had a couple 45 rounds no fire, only about 50% of the 410 rounds fired, primers were all struck in the same place some just wouldn’t fire. Not happy, thats a lot of money to pay for a weapon that isn’t reliable.

  • Ed

    Does anybody know if the Judge is rated for 45lc +P ammo? If not is it unsafe to use or just not recommended?

  • Richard

    There were a couple of people asking about the use of .45 ACP rounds in the Judge. If you search “moonclips” you’ll pull up a site called TKcustom.com. They mill out the cylinder to accomodate said clips. Faster reloads and you don’t need to use the clips for the .45 Colt or .410 loads. Also check out Jerry Miculek to see how fast they reload.

  • Ken Sutton, NCPI 750

    For a The Judge Holster….go to Galco Holsters….
    they have a specific holster for this weapon.

  • James Barnett

    I just got my Judge and have not had time to take it out to the range. It’s chambered for the 3″ mag and I’m concerned about the play/looseness in the cyclinder. It has this small amount of play whether is cocked or not. Is this something I should really be concerned with?

    • http://www.GunsHolstersAndGear.com Richard


      It depends on how much play the “small amount” is. If you are concerned, I’d suggest taking it by your local gunsmith and just having him or her take a look at it. If it is out of spec, you definitely don’t want to shoot it. Fortunately, Taurus has a lifetime warranty.


  • Angela

    I love my Public Defender with the exception of one detail. I don’t posses enough thumb strength to pull back the bobbed hammer. I’m forced to shoot in DAO, which I think effects accuracy. I would like to have the option to shoot single-action, and I’m wondering if it would be practical for me to contact a gunsmith. I’ve been thinking of having the hammer replaced with a traditional style hammer as well as decrease the hammer pull. I’ve never had any custom work done on any of my handguns, so I’m little unsure about the whole thing. Is anyone here aware of similiar custom work on a PD? I’m sure the bobbed hammer is fine for men (it’s not a problem for my husband) but women are just built different : )

    • http://www.GunsHolstersAndGear.com Richard

      Hi Angela,

      I’m not familiar with anyone doing custom work on a Judge, but I’m sure there are some ‘smiths out there willing to try it out. The only thing I would suggest is that if this is a self defense/concealed carry gun, don’t mess around with it too much. Learn to shoot it double action, and forget you can cock the hammer for a single action shot. If this gun isn’t for personal protection, then go to town on it and let us know what you have done!


    • Dan

      I have a publicdefeder with the nub hammer.
      I took it to a GOOd gun smith, and had the triger pull taken down from 10Lbs– to 3Lbs and it is like a semi auto and VERY nice to shoot. Hope this helped you.

  • James Barnett

    Richard, thanks for the information, It would be the best to have someone look at it. The play is not quite a 1/16th but more than a 32nd.
    It’s not a S&W but I think if I get this looked at and cleared up then it will be a pleasure to keep by my side for whatever purpose! Thanks again.

  • JT

    I don’t know if this will work, but it is easier for me to cock it this way. First…MAKE SURE IT IS POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION IN CASE IT SLIPS.

    But…pull the trigger slightly. The hammer will start backwards allowing you to put your thumb on top of the hammer. From that position, you rely more on finger strength than grip strength. Hope this helps, but make sure it is pointed in a safe direction before trying it. I recommend getting the hang of it unloaded.

  • Angela

    I tried pulling the trigger back slightly first, and I was able to get more leverage and pull the hammer back myself (although it was still difficult). Thanks for the suggestion JT! However, because I do intend on using my PD for self-defense, I don’t think it’s a practical option.

    I’ve been thinking about your comment, Richard, and I’ve come to the realization that the fault lies with me, not the bobbed hammer. Shooting in double action is new to me, and rather than practice and adapt, I blamed the construction of the gun. Here’s the problem I encounter, I aim, but then I take my eyes off the target and watch the cylinder rotate as I squeeze the trigger. When the cylinder is in position, I hold the trigger, refocus on the target, re-adjust my aim, and fire. It’s taking me way too long to set-up my shot; even though I am able to get all four pellets in the orange (I’m using Federal Premium Handgun loads). I have to teach myself to keep my eyes on the target and squeeze the trigger with one fluid motion.

    I just so happen to have two .410 snap caps (I bought them to practice the trigger-pull on my Bond Arms) so I think I’m going to take some time learning my PD trigger pull in double action (unloaded), then get back out in the field and practice, practice, practice.

    My main cc gun at the moment is a .38 revolver, and I do the same thing with it. I feel completely comfortable shooting in single action, but when my husband insists that I practice without pulling the hammer back, it becomes foreign and uncomfortable for me to shoot. It would do me well to practice shooting my .38 in double action too!

    Thank you all for the advice!

  • http://www.GunsHolstersAndGear.com Richard

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for stopping back by and filling us in. Double action isn’t that hard once you practice a little bit. You just have to make yourself do it. The side benefit is while you are learning, you are smoothing out the gun’s trigger pull. So, as time goes on, you AND the gun get better!

    Take care,


  • James

    I own a Taurus 410/45 and it shoots 410 shells fine. It will not revolve every chamber when loaded with Winchester 45 “cowboy loads”. I have sent it to Taurus twice now. Piece of junk..not good for personal defense.

  • Dan

    I have a public-defender, with the NUB hammer. I took it to a GOOD gunsmith and had the triger pull adjusted from 10Lbs factoty to 3Lbs and it sooooo nice. It is like a simi-auto.
    Just have a GOOD gunsmith do it that you trust.
    Hope this helps, HAPPY shotting.

  • louis gragert

    I have have a 2″SS PD model & have fired over 30 45 Colt,as well as Winchester’s PDX1 410 rounds,designed for the Judge,at targets from 3 to 7 yrds.Never a problem.I carry it in a molded Blackhawk hoster (had to cut an 1’off as the holster is designed for the 3″ barrel.

  • Lee

    Those of you who want a holster for the Public defender,they are cheap only 7.00 ar WalMart Crossman pistol holster in the sportmans area.They work just fine. I saw it on the Taurus web site.

  • Mark

    Those of you claiming to have problems with The Judge have not yet become “intimate” with your weapon…
    get to know the lady before you go for the Gold!
    Use only PREMIUM ammunition in this PREMIUM firearm.
    As with most aspects of Life – – put CRAP in, you will get CRAP out.

    Yes, the ammo is expensive. This is not a “fun gun” you take to the range and blow-off a box or two.
    The Judge is a carry weapon, a home-defense weapon…
    Want to have fun at the range? Get a .22 – –

    I love my Judge – – I love knowing that it will stop any criminal trying to invade my home or steal my truck.
    It will knock them on their ass with a world of hurt!

    I hope to God I never have to use it in this way.

  • Fred

    Is the only problem when trying to shoot the 454 in the Judge that shoots 45 / 410 the chamber will not go in. But the gunn will shoot it . The fram is ok ? so if you bore it out it will be ok ?

  • bill mcneill sr

    bought mine 2 yrs back, havw owned s&ws and colts, in my opinion it is the best i have owned