2012 NASGW Expo

Note: Click here for our coverage of the new guns at the 2014 NASGW Expo.

This is your central location for information on the 2012 NASGW Expo being held in Orlando, FL. The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) Expo is a chance for wholesalers to meet with manufacturers, see new guns and place orders.

This show is a major expo, but strictly limits who has access to the site.  Fortunately for all of you, GunsHolstersAndGear is a member of the NASGW, and we will have floor access for the show and expo.

Throughout the week, we will post updates, photos and videos for all of you.  Please check back often and pass the word about what we are doing.  It costs a lot of money to attend these events and we’d like to know our efforts are appreciated!


Many times, a sneak preview of the new guns being introduced at the 2013 SHOT Show will be had at the NASGW Expo.  Sometimes the early prototypes shown are pretty amazing.  Any news guns seen will be listed and reported on here.

Heizer DefenseHeizer Defense v. DoubleTap Defense – There was a little drama at the NASGW Expo with Heizer suggesting the DoubleTap isn’t a safe design.  DoubleTap, on the other hand, has a new manufacturing partner and is going into production very soon.

Walther PPK 22New Walther PPK – Walther is re-introducing the PPK in .22 LR.  This new pistol will have the ability to attach a sound suppressor.  Details are very limited on this gun, but it will be made in Germany and imported into the United States in 2013.

Diamondback ShotgunDiamondback Shotgun is DOA – The new Diamondback RTS Shotgun that we showed you at the SHOT Show will not go into production.  According to Diamondback reps, the shotgun was too expensive to be profitable, and there simply isn’t a market for it at this time.

Walther LogoMore information on the Walther PPX – I managed to get some more details on the new PPX pistol that Walther introduced this week at the NASGW Expo.  Plus, I’ve put up some more photos of this pistol.  The question becomes:  ugly or sexy?

Walther PPXWalther PPX Photos – Here are a few photographs of the brand new Walther PPX pistol.  The new handgun is being made in Germany and will be imported into the United States.  I’ll have more details on the new firearm coming soon.

Diamondback Firearms logoLarger Diamondback Pistol Coming – Rumors are floating around about a new striker fired pistol from Diamondback that will be introduced in early 2013.  The new pistol is expected to be a polymer gun with a double stack magazine.  If the rumors are true, the new gun will be available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.  This company is growing and it is interesting to see what they have come up with.

Diamondback DB15Diamondback DB15 Camo Photo – Photo and a little information on the new Diamondback DB15 rifles.  I will have more information on the DB15 rifles later, but I really like them.  This photo shows a couple of the guns in digital camo patterns (woodland and desert).

Walther LogoWalther PPX – Walther is announcing a new hammer-fired pistol.  This new handgun will have a polymer frame, reversible magazine release and a Picatinny rail.  Not a lot of details yet about this gun, but we will have all of the information from the Expo floor in the next day or two.

OD green Bersa BP9CCOD Green Bersa BP9CC – Eagle Imports is now selling a Bersa BP9CC pistol with an OD green frame.  The new pistol is much the same as the standard black-framed pistol, but with the new color.  Gun diversity is good.  Maybe the company will introduce a Multi-Cam or A-TACS version?  Probably not, but a FDE would be ok.

Diamondback DB-15Diamondback DB15 Rifles – Diamondback Firearms, the makers of the DB380 and DB9 pistols, is now in the AR market with their DB15 line of rifles.  They have just been released and will be shown at the NASGW Expo.  We’ll get all of the details along with new photos of the guns.


This section covers…that’s right…ammunition announcements from the NASGW.  Shocked?

Hornady .30 CarbineHornady .30 Carbine ammo – The .30 Carbine is a great cartridge, but it has been sadly neglected by many ammunition companies.  Hornady, however, announced a new self defense load for the cartridge in the Critical Defense load.

Hornady 32HRHornady .32 H&R Magnum Critical Defense – This is one of several new self defense loads announced by Hornady at the NASGW show.  The .32 H&R Magnum will work perfectly in the newer .327 Federal Magnum revolvers, but will less kick.

Critical Defense LiteHornady Critical Defense Lite – Hornady introduced a new reduced-recoil version of their Critical Defense .38 Special load.  This is a standard pressure round with a light-for-caliber 90 grain FTX hollow point bullet.  The ammunition will be well suited for anyone who needs a very light recoiling cartridge.

TrajeTechTrajetech’s 2013 Line Up – Match ammo maker Trajetech announced their line up for 2013 at the NASGW show.  The new line up is quite extensive, and the company remains committed to manufacturing ammunition that is extremely accurate, yet affordable when compared to others at this level.

Critical Defense 32 NAAHornady Critical Defense Ammo in .32 NAA – Shooters of the .32 NAA niche cartridge now have a new load to pick from.  Hornady added the round to its Critical Defense line of ammunition.  This load looks to offer better penetration than the current Corbon offerings, yet maintain good expansion.

Hornady slugNew Hornady Shotgun Slugs – There are three new shotgun slugs rolling out from Hornady in 2013.  One is a reduced recoil 12 gauge and the other two are full-power: one in 12 gauge, the other in 20 gauge.

American WhitetailAmerican Whitetail Ammo from Hornady – Hornady is now making an affordable, high-quality deer hunting ammunition.  This new ammo spans nine calibers and offers nearly every deer hunter something to take into the field .  The loads feature the company’s highly regarded InterLock bullets.

Triple DefenseHornady .410 Triple Defense Ammo – Developed for the Taurus Judge and other similar revolvers, the new Triple Defense ammo is one of the latest editions to the Critical Defense line of ammunition.  This round puts a slug over two .35 caliber lead balls.  Close in, this round is likely to be devastating.

Critical DutyHornady .45 ACP +P Critical Duty Ammunition – Hornady added the .45 ACP cartridge to their Critical Duty line of ammunition.  The load features a 220 grain FlexLock hollow point pushed to 975 ft/sec from a 5″ barrel.  The new load meets all FBI testing protocol.

Hornady Coyote shellsHornady Heavy Magnum Coyote Shotshell Ammo – One of the new products Hornady just introduced is a 50-yard shotshell specifically designed for taking coyote.  The load uses 1.5 ounces of 00-buckshot and is said to have minimal pelt damage.

New Hornady Products New Hornady Products for 2013 – Hornady is teasing to several new products for the new year.  Watch the video and read our inside information on what is being introduced.  They’ve got some really cool ammo and gear coming out.

Other Shooting Gear

Holsters, reloading presses and hunting stuff will all be listed here.  The 2012 NASGW Expo will be large, but still just a fraction of the size of the annual SHOT Show.  We will consolidate all of the shooting related gear into this one section.

Blackhawk GripBreak 150New Blackhawk Products – Blackhawk’s product line runs the gamut from cutting edge battle dress uniforms to concealed carry holsters.  They have a whole lot of new shooting gear coming out in 2013 and I detail a few of the items from the NASGW show here.

Versacarry RevolverVersacarry Holsters for Revolvers – I got to meet some of the Versacarry staff and get a good look at the new revolver holster prototype.  The way it is designed pulls the revolver in close to the body, and it looks like a very concealable design.

Hornady Light StripNew Hornady Reloading Tools  – Hornady announced several new reloading tools, including a great little strip of LED lights that you can mount on your press.  After seeing it, I was stumped how no one really thought about bringing out anything like this before now.

Trijicon RMRTrijicon RMR Durability Video – Watch as a Trijicon rep talks about the durability of the RMR pistol sight.  He raps the holo sight off of a table and discusses why this abuse doesn’t damage the glass.

Crimson Trace Defensive SeriesHands on with the Crimson Trace Defensive Series lasers – I got a chance to hold and work with the new Crimson Trace Defensive Series lasers.  The new lasers are very affordable and throw a bright red dot out onto the target.  To reduce the price, Crimson Trace had to remove a few features normally found on more expensive CT products.

Trijicon RMR sightTrijicon RMR Durability Video – In this video, a Trijicon rep talks about the durability of the company’s RMR rights.  During the video, the rep bangs the sight off of a hard table and more.  The RMR is a small red-dot type optic designed for mounting on a pistol.

Crimson Trace Defensive SeriesCrimson Trace Defensive Series Lasers – Crimson Trace announced a line of “budget priced” lasers for handguns at the 2012 NASGW Expo.  The lasers will range in price from $129 – $149 MSRP.  Expect street prices to be a little cheaper.  The initial lasers will ship in December, in time for Christmas.

The 2012 NASGW Expo is being held in Orlando, Florida.  Just months ahead of the SHOT Show, the NASGW show is frequently where new guns are show to industry insiders.  We hope to bring you news of all of the latest, greatest guns.  Bookmark us and let others know about us!