Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4×20 Scope Review

leupold mark ar 1.5-4x20

Looking for a variable-power, high-quality scope for your AR-15?  Consider the Mark AR series of rifle scopes from Leupold.  These scopes offer extremely clear optics, excellent magnification and the durability you need when taking a rifle into the field. I had a chance to test a Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4×20 with the company’s integrated mounting system recently, […]

MPAR 556: New Piston Rifle from MasterPiece Arms

MPAR 556

MasterPiece Arms is releasing more information on the new MPAR 556, the company’s new piston driven AR rifle. The new rifle sounds like it will offer a variety of features while maintaining a sub-$1000 price tag.  Considering this AR-style gun uses a short stroke piston, that price is extremely competitive. As the name suggests, the MPAR […]

Amazing Article: 5.56 vs. .223

Andrew Tuohy of VuurwapenBlog.com fame put together a fantastic article about the 5.56 and .223 cartridges.  Unlike most of us, though, he actually did pressure testing using differently chambered rifles and a variety of ammunition. There has long been a debate on whether it is safe to fire 5.56 NATO rounds in a rifle chambered […]

Winchester Salvo Rifle: The Original Double Barrel 5.56

Salvo Rifle

The latest internet news about a double barrel AR15 isn’t nearly as exciting to me since I have seen the Winchester Salvo rifle. The Salvo rifle was a US military design project from the 1950’s. Essentially, it used two barrels to launch 5.56 caliber projectiles to get as much lead down range as possible. The […]



SIG SAUER, Inc. combines the ingenuity of SIG SAUER GmbH in Germany and Swiss Arms AG in Switzerland. Long known for producing superior firearms, SIG SAUER has announced that it will begin production of the SIG SAUER 551-A1 as the civilian version of the SG 551 that is currently being used by the Swiss Army. […]

Ruger SR-556: More Information and Interview


Eric Shelton at the Handgun Podcast (Shelton….) has a great interview with Todd Wilkinson, the Chief Engineer for Rifles at Ruger.  The interview covers the new Ruger SR-556 that was introduced last week at the NRA Meeting in Arizona. For those just hearing about it, the Ruger SR-556 is Ruger’s new AR-style rifle that uses […]

Ruger SR-556: Ruger’s New Piston Driven AR-15

The new Ruger SR-556 rifle.

Ruger announced a new piston driven AR-15 rifle: the Ruger SR-556.  Announced at the NRA convention, the SR-556 is a completely new line for Ruger, and part of an obvious effort to redefine the company. The SR-556 has a host of quality features, the most significant of which is the two-stage piston system.  But, in […]

Rock River Arms LAR-15 Elite Comp: A Top Notch AR-15 Variant With Some Great Features Out Of The Box

Rock River Arms has introduced a new AR-15 variant: the LAR-15 Elite Comp. Guaranteed to shoot 1.5″ MOA, the Elite Comp features a number of very nice features, typically seen only on nicely upgraded AR rifles. Chambered in 5.56 NATO (.223 Remington), the LAR-15 Elite Comp has a forged A4 upper with a 16″ chrome-lined […]