Gun Industry News

Here are a few of the new bits of gear and other gun information to hit my mailbox in the past few days…

Burris Eliminator scopes

Burris Eliminator II and III LaserScopes

Burris is now shipping the Eliminator II and Eliminator III LaserScopes to dealers.  The scopes are an extension of the original Eliminator LaserScope that use an automated trajectory compensation system to help improve shooter accuracy.

The Eliminator started shipping last month.  It is a 3.5-10×40 with a 0.3 MOA dot.  MSRP is $799.  The Eliminator II and III are 4-12×42 and 4-16×50 scopes respectively.  MSRP is $999 for the II and $1,499 for the III.


Taurus 380 Revolver

The new Taurus M380 is a 380 revolver.  Yes, that’s right a wheel gun chambered for the rimless .380 ACP cartridge.

380 revolverI love the panache of Taurus.  They aren’t afraid to try new things, and they can often start a little stir in the industry.  Who would have thought the original Judge would sell well, much less spawn specialty ammo and a whole series of revolvers based on the idea.

“It’s the neatest little gun you’ve seen in a long time,” said Bob Morrison of Taurus USA.  Morrison appeared on the May 30, 2010 broadcast of Tom Gresham’s GunTalk radio program.

Since then, the revolver has been released and we have all of the specifications on the new handgun.

The Taurus 380 revolver is in the company’s Ultra-Lite line of handguns, and it comes in two finishes:  stainless steel and black.  Otherwise, the two guns appear to be identical.


Ruger SR40 Coming Soon?

Ruger SR40
This is the new Ruger SR40.

After speaking to several members of Ruger’s management team, I feel comfortable in stating that Ruger will introduce a .40 S&W version of the SR9 pistol later this year.

The Ruger reps I spoke with stated the .40 S&W pistol (probably called SR40) was definitely something they have looked at, and they grinned knowingly and stated when asked about it “That’s a good idea!”

Ruger management said they were committed to only announcing those products they were ready to launch, and that they did bind themselves to artificial dates like the SHOT Show or the NRA Convention to make announcements.  Ruger staff said when they have something ready to ship, they will make the announcement then, not sit on it for the next big show.

Handguns news

Ruger LCP Pistol in .380 ACP

Sturm, Ruger and Company just released a new concealed carry handgun: the Ruger LCP . The new handgun is chambered for the moderately powered .380 ACP cartridge.

According to Ruger, the “LCP” initials stand for Lightweight Compact Pistol. It would appear it gets that name for good reason. Weighing only 9.4 oz unloaded, the polymer-framed gun has an overall length of only 5.16″ and a width of a mere 0.82″. The barrel is 2.75″ long and the trigger pull is an even 8 pounds.

Optics and Sighting Systems

LaserMax Uni-Max Green Laser for Combat Firearms

LaserMax introduced a new laser aiming device using green light. The unit is capable of being used on both pistols and rifles. Due to its compact profile, it should work very well with even smaller handguns.