Ruger SR45

Ruger SR45 review

The Ruger SR45 is now a reality.  Just days ahead of the 2013 SHOT Show, Sturm, Ruger & Co announced the big bore addition to the company’s popular “SR” series of handguns.

Chambered in .45 ACP, the new SR45 comes standard with 10-round magazines, giving the shooter a lot of firepower.  Yet, Ruger claims the SR45 remains a relatively thin pistol like the SR9 and SR40.  According to the specs, the SR45 is 1.27″ wide, which is just 0.07″ wider than a Smith & Wesson M&P.  The grip width is not specifically mentioned for the SR45.

Ruger SR45 photo

The gun ships with two 10-round magazines.  It also comes with a magazine loader and ships in a hard plastic case for storage and transport.

Like other models in the series, the Ruger SR45 has a reversible backstrap, allowing for an arched or flat rear grip frame.  This allows a shooter to better fit the gun to his or her hand.  The thumb safety and magazine release button are both ambidextrous.

Like many modern pistols, the new SR45 comes with a mounting rail for attaching accessories.  So, feel free to add a white light, laser or other doo-dad to your new Ruger pistol.

Two models will be available in the intial SR45 release.  One version will be a black nitride finished gun with a alloy steel slide on a polymer frame.  The second model will feature a brushed stainless finish on a stainless steel slide with the same polymer frame.  Both models will carry a MSRP of $529.

Ruger SR45

Sights are standard three-dot with the rear sight being angled to reduce the chances of it catching on anything during a draw.  The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation.

Ruger SR45 Specifications

  • caliber:  .45 ACP
  • magazine capacity:  10-rounds
  • barrel length:  4.5″
  • overall length: 8.0″
  • width:  1.27″
  • height:  5.75″
  • weight:  30.15 ounces (unloaded)
  • MSRP:  $529

No doubt a lot of Ruger fans will appreciate this addition to the SR line.  It seems that ever since the first SR9 was announced, that people have been clamoring for a .45 ACP version of the gun.  The problem is the .45 is so much a larger cartridge, merely upsizing the caliber, as many do with the 9mm to .40 S&W, is not generally possible.

Time will tell how popular the SR45 will become.  However, Ruger has done a very good job in recent years in identifying what new guns to bring to market.  Clearly this gun has been under development for a while, and it will be interesting to see how it is received.  We will be at the SHOT Show again this year and bring you all of the details, including more photos and videos, of the gun then.

Ruger SR45

Ruger is an exhibitor at Media Day, so we should be able to get some trigger time with the pistol and give you an initial evaluation of the gun then.  Meanwhile, we will keep everyone informed on any new developments regarding the Ruger SR45 that happen before then.

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  • Mark

    I wonder if that 1.27″ width is the slide, grip, or widest point (across the ambi safey?) – they never specify and it ticks me off! It ‘looks’ fairly thin, as it should for a single stack gun.

    I’ll hold out for the 8 round, 3.6″ barrelled SR45c, thank you.

    • Thom Erning

      I like this gun a lot…but a SR45c would be awesome!

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  • Thom Erning

    I’m glad to see this gun is finally being released. I have been waiting for two years to see it, and it looks great. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. What do you think the street price will be?

    • Chris

      Purchased mine about a week ago from a local dealer priced at $450.00

    • Chris

      Purchased mine about a week ago from a local dealer, was $450.00

  • Ed Fonth

    Is this gun going to fit in SR40 holsters or is too big?

    • John

      Just got mine in ss for 435 plus tax. Has a great feel.

      • Richard

        That’s a great price. Let us know how it shoots!


  • Chris

    I purchased the SR45 has a great feel to it. Shot several rounds and seems to be a decent gun. It has less kick to it than my 9mm which surprised me. Overall loved the feel of the gun and was a great fit for my hand. The plastic case it came in was cheap.. would get another case of better quality.

  • bob potter

    SR 45 Is it me or is the spring so stiff that I have a hard time pulling it back. Pinched my thumb twice, I’m thinking about putting it in a drawer and forgetting about it.

  • colt

    i just recently bought the sr 45 and i love it. although it is a litte snappy when shooting it. it is a wonderful piece of equipment. i have put almost 500 rounds and had no problems with it. it is very slim so even my small handed wife was able to shoot it. it is pretty accurate out of the box. i have had no problem with the spring being to stiff. i paid $463 after taxes it totaled about $550. i love it an wouldnt trade it at all.

  • GEO.

    The SR 45 has some snap, greesed it up for first fire, one thing caught my eye, heavy hand a mag & the slide will snap closed, locked & its ready to go, otherwise I like it.

  • Mr. Ed

    Bought the gun for introductry price of $399 +tax and also a box of Tula ammo. Gun was very accurate and felt good in the hand. The loader was a little tricky to use but was glad it was included. Tested at 17 yds. on steel man target. It is not my old 1991a1 Colt but a good replacement as I passed it ( the Colt ) to one of my sons. That Tula ammo is good stuff, no problems at all.

  • James Helms

    I love the balance of the gun, comparable to my kimber 1911’s! Way better than any glock had!
    As to the heaviness of the guide spring, it needs the stiffness! I mean i upgrade all of my 1911’s to the heaviest guide spring i can stand! One for reliability, two for overall performance! Truly down the road it’ll start to losen up! The sloppier the better, yes it goes against convention! But after being deployed 6 times upgrades especially faster quicker upgrades are a plus!

  • Donald Hale

    Bought the SR45 for 379.00 plus tax. Love the feel in my hand and it is very accurate. I intend to also purcase the SR45c when it comes out. Diffenitly glad I made the purchase.

  • chris

    Got my SR45 local gun shop 440. Out the door, ran 100 rounds at range very accurate out of the box. Love it ;-}>