Hornady’s .357 Magnum Critical Defense Load – Quick Ammo Review

Combine the legendary stopping power of the .357 Magnum with modern bullet design and you can potentially create an amazingly effective self-defense round. That seems to be exactly what Hornady had in mind when it developed the Critical Defense load chambered for the classic Magnum.


Safariland 578 Pro-Fit Holster Review

Safariland 578 Holster

A giant box of unused holsters. That’s what a lot of people have in their garage or basement. Rigs in leather, Kydex and soft nylon that didn’t quite fit or maybe did not hold the gun well enough to be used. Some of them were tossed aside because they simply were not comfortable.

What if there was a holster that was lightweight, affordable and comfortable plus had the benefit of a retention system that automatically disengaged when you drew the gun? What if you could also make that rig custom fit more than 100 different pistols?

Safariland thinks they have just the ticket. It is called the Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit holster.


Hornady Rapid Safe Review

Hornady Radid Safe with gun

Freedom is balanced by responsibility. Nowhere is this more obvious than within the firearms community. Gun owners learn safety rules and they are rigorously enforced by range officers and fellow shooters alike.

Securing firearms when not in use is a responsibility that most gun owners take very seriously. Even so, there is the occasional, well-publicized tragedy where a child obtains a firearm and an innocent is harmed or killed.

With the Rapid Safe, Hornady addresses one of the major dilemmas that all gun owners face: the balancing act between quick access in an emergency with secure storage at all other times. In this review, I take a look at the handgun storage device and highlight its strengths and weaknesses.


Streamlight ProTac 2AAA Review

Blisteringly bright light seems to be all the rage today, but sometimes the most useful flashlight is one that is moderately powerful, but small enough to have with you all the time. Today I take a look at the incredibly useful Streamlight ProTac 2AAA – a light that I believe is a carry every day, everywhere tool.

Shooting Gear

Magpul AK-47 Pistol Grip Installation

Well known for its AR gear, Magpul continues to expand its offerings for AK-platform weapons. In today’s article, I take a look at the MOE AK Grip and show you how to install one on your AK-47, AKM or AK-74 based gun.

Let’s jump right in.