Aguila 5mm Ammo

aguila 5mm ammo

This is a diagram of the 5mm rimfire ammo from Aguila.

Aguila announced they are now producing 5mm ammo, and that it will be on dealer’s shelves by the end of the month.  While it might be surprising to hear a company is now making ammunition for the old niche cartridge, Taurus announced they would be making the 590 revolver chambered for the 5mm rimfire cartridge.

The new Aguila 5mm rimfire ammo will use a conventional 30 grain jacketed hollow point bullet that is being driven to 2,300 fps.  This means the bullet will deliver more than 350 foot pounds of energy into the target.  If you are hunting varmints, this will definitely do the job.  It is not clear how much of a velocity loss might be realized with the use of this ammo in the 6.5″ barrel of the new Taurus, as compared to rifle length barrels.

Pricing on the 5mm ammo will be $16.99 for a box of 50 rounds and $324.99 for a case of 1000.  I would encourage all 5mm  rimfire shooters to stock up on the ammunition now.  Taurus has a mixed history when it comes to producing new firearms, and should the gun not have enough pre-orders from distributors, they could easily pull the plug on the project.  If Taurus backs out, how long do you think Aguila will continue to make 5mm rimfire ammo?

I believe the only other firearms ever chambered for the 5mm Remingotn Magnum were the 591 and 592 rifles made by Remington back in the early 1970’s.  Due to pressure problems, not many guns were made or are left in circulation.  While I am sure there are various custom jobs and even a few T/C guns out there, I just can’t see how demand would keep this cartridge in the Aguila inventory if Taurus fails to sell a bunch of the 590 revolvers.

Update (2013) – As it turns out, Taurus never got the 590 into production.  Aguila did, however, begin production of the 5mm ammo.  There is no word at this time if the company plans to continue to produce the rimfire magnum ammunition.  If we get definite word – one way or the other – we will update this page.

However, I will re-iterate what I wrote earlier in this article.  If you currently have a 5mm rimfire firearm, you might want to stock up on this stuff now.  I don’t imagine it will last forever.

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  • Johnny C. Kitchens

    The velocity rating is definitely from the 24″ barrel of a Remington rifle. I got over the 2300 fps advertised velocity in my 591M. It is great to have the ammo available again…

  • keith m

    MidwayUSA has the 5mm RMR ammunition listed as:
    Centurion Ammunition 5mm Remington Magnum 30 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 50

    Product #230772 $17.99

  • Clint Hamilton

    My older brother gave me a 591 when i was 14 in 1970. I really enjoyed shooting it, I was sad when i could not get any more ammo. hurray
    for Aguila, I will buy any other ammo in other cal by this manfacture, when ever possible

  • Steve Shoemaker

    I have a 592 Bought ammo I love this rifle! I would love to have a handgun in this caliber anyone have any info?

  • Sune Hedlund

    I´m from North Sweden and bay a Remington 591 in -70 together with 500 Rimfire, the last 20 years with á nice gun but without ammunition.

    Big THANKS to Aquila

  • Billy Joe

    Looking for a few 5mm rem mag magazines. any help out there???????

  • bare cheeks

    5mm ammo not worth the money
    go with 17hmr ammo
    cheeper price