Mossberg 930 SPX Shotgun in Coyote Tan

Mossberg 930 SPX

Mossberg announced a new 930 SPX shotgun with a pistol grip and a coyote tan finish.  Unfortunately, I was not able to secure a photo of the new color for this article.  The photo above is obviously not coyote tan, but it is the same style of 930 SPX autoloading shotgun.

The 930 SPX is considered part of Mossberg’s “special purpose” or tactical line.  The gun is chambered for the 12 gauge (of course) and has a 7+1 capacity.  It has ghost ring sights and a Picatinny rail on the top of the receiver for the addition of a red dot or other optic if you so desire.  If I am able to secure a photo of the tan model, I will post it here.

From Mossberg:

Mossberg® 930 SPX 8-Shot Now Available in Coyote Tan Finish
Special Purpose 12-Gauge Autoloader with Pistol Grip Stock 

North Haven, CT – Simple-to-operate and dependable, Mossberg’s line of 930 Special Purpose 12-gauge autoloading shotguns are designed with your security in mind. This full-featured home defense platform now features a distinctive metalwork finish. New for 2013 is the 930 SPX 8-Shot Pistol Grip with Coyote Tan finish on the receiver, barrel and extended magazine tube; setting this autoloader apart from the competition.

This versatile 930 platform features a dual gas-vent operating system which aids in recoil reduction and reduces stress and wear on operating parts, while reliably handling 2 ¾-inch target loads to hard-hitting 3-inch magnum rounds. Standard features include full-length stock with ergonomic pistol grip for more positive grip and control; Uni-Line stock/receiver design for instinctive eye/rib alignment; magazine extension tube for increased total capacity of 8 rounds; quick-acquisition rear Ghost Ring sight and fiber optic AR-style winged front; receiver-mounted Picatinny rail for ease of mounting optics; cylinder bore for optimal pattern densities from the 18 ½-inch carbon steel barrel; top-mounted, ambidextrous safety; oversized, knurled and extended bolt handle; durable black synthetic stock and forend with sling swivel studs; and Coyote Tan finish on the receiver, barrel and extended mag tube. Other exposed metalwork features a matte blue finish.

When it comes to your home security firearm, reliability and ease-of-operation can make a difference. To see the complete line of smooth-cycling Mossberg 930 Special Purpose shotguns, visit our web site today at

Mossberg 930 SPX Pistol Grip 8-Shot Autoloading Shotgun Specifications: 
































12 ga

3 in



18 1/2 in

Coyote Tan

Matte Blue


Ghost Ring


Cylinder Bore


38 in


13 in

Full Length PG




7 3/4 lbs





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