Hellbreaker AR Lowers

Hellbreaker AR Lower

Looking for a custom AR lower?  Check out the Hellbreaker.

The Hellbreaker is a prototype AR lower that will be CNC’d from 7075-T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized and has an unmistakable resemblance to the nose art of the Curtis P-40 Warhawks flown by the Flying Tigers during World War II.


Zombie Annihilator

YMH Zombie AR15

The Zombie Annihilator:  The first zombie-related product that I actually think is pretty darn cool.

I stumbled across the Annihilator when I went to the Yankee Hill Machine Co. (YHM) website looking for an upper for a new lower I am going to review in the near future.  When I hit the site, I saw this freakin’ cool gun.


ArmaLite 300 BLK Rifle

In keeping with the 2012 SHOT Show trend, I’ll be looking at ArmaLite’s offering in the newer .300 BLK chambering. I got a chance to handle their new rifle at their booth, and I learned a few things along the way. Before getting into the details of the ArmaLite .300 BLK rifle, I thought it would be interesting to share a little history on the AR rifle platform that has become so popular.

Armalite 300 BLK Rifle

AR-15 History

ArmaLite was a subdivision of the Fairchild Engine & Airplane Corporation back in the 1950’s. The founder was Lockheed corporate counsel George Sullivan, and the company’s first rifle designs were meant to be “light” survival rifles for downed pilots.



SIG SAUER, Inc. combines the ingenuity of SIG SAUER GmbH in Germany and Swiss Arms AG in Switzerland. Long known for producing superior firearms, SIG SAUER has announced that it will begin production of the SIG SAUER 551-A1 as the civilian version of the SG 551 that is currently being used by the Swiss Army.

SIG SAUER 551A1 – Short Barrel Rifle version

The SIG551-A1 is a semi-auto version of the SG 551 that is American-built. The rifle uses an adjustable gas piston to operate a rotating bolt. The 2-point gas piston system allows for a cleaner, cooler shooting rifle, and promises long service life with reliable operation.



Yeah, I said AR-Muzzleloader! We here at try to bring you the latest and greatest in firearms and related accessories – especially during SHOT SHOW. So here it is. Being from Missouri I had to check out CMMG – especially since I heard they had some new rifles in the ever-increasingly-popular .300 Blackout cartridge (see my article on the Revolution and .300 Blackout rifles).

While there I talked with Larry Wayland at the CMMG booth about a very interesting development. Apparently the engineers at CMMG challenged each other to come up with the most outlandish ideas for an AR-platform. The result is a .50 cal. muzzleloader on the CMMG AR-platform. Yes, it’s crazy! And get this … they’ve been sitting on the patent for this thing for a couple of years now!