Ruger Redhawk KRH-45-4 Revolver Chambered in .45 Colt

Ruger Redhawk 45 Colt

In 2008, Sturm, Ruger & Co. introduced the model KRH-45-4 Redhawk Revolver chambered in .45 Colt.  As of 2013, the gun is still in the company’s catalog, but with fewer options available.

In 1979, the Redhawk was introduced in a variety of chamberings, including .45 Long Colt. However, over the years Ruger scaled back production so only the .44 Magnum was available. However, with the renewed interest in revolvers, Ruger reintroduced a .45 Colt Redhawk in 2008.

The .45 Redhawk was available with a 4″, 5 1/2″, and 7 1/2″ barrels when it was reintroduced.  As of 2013, however, barrel lengths are limited to 4″ and 4.2″ only.

Like all Ruger Redhawk revolvers, this is a double-action handgun.  The hammer is exposed and can be cocked for precision, single-action shots.  Since many people might use this for hunting, the single action capability is very important.

Redhawk .45 Colt

Ruger stated the KRH-45-4 has a “rugged frame, designed specifically to handle powerful magnum loads, (and) includes extra metal in top strap, sidewalls and barrel mounting areas.” So, this Ruger should be able to handle the hot handloaded hunting loads and the commercially available hot loadings offered by companies such as CorBon and Buffalo Bore.

Additionally, Ruger bulds the Redhawk with a triple locking cylinder.  The cylinder locks into the frame at the front, bottom and rear for best alignment of cylinder to barrel and for additional strength with high powered loads.

It is not known what Ruger’s long-term commitment is to this platform.  Ruger does not make as much money on these revolvers as compared to many of the newer firearms due to manufacturing processes.  Additionally, the reduced number of barrel lengths since 2008 suggests that demand is relatively low for this gun.

Redhawk 45 Colt sights

Lastly, this gun was discontinued once before.  That is a very strong indication that the market demand for this gun is likely weak.  Bottom line:  if you like this revolver, find and buy one today.  You do not know when Ruger may discontinue the .45 Colt version of the Ruger Redhawk.

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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“However, with the renewed interest in revolvers… ”

Wtf? Did the license on Glock Koolaid run out? Have people suddenly become immune — or at least resistant — to Wondernine propaganda??!?


I sure like a 1911 or a Glock…. but I *love* a good revolver.

I’m with you. I own semi-auto Glocks, Smiths, and Sigs. My favorite handgun is my old S&W mod 10 with a 4″ heavy barrel. The trigger is slick as glass, it never fails to go bang, and it is just a pleasure to shoot.

Awsome all around handgun “THANKS RUGER” the range of handloads possible for the .45colt redhawk are amazing.

I have one of these .45 LC Redhawks on order. I also own an Alaskan , SP 101 .357 and an old army but sorry guys my favorites are my Kimber .45 ACP’s. I still am excited about getting the call that my new Redhawk is in at my local dealer.

Anybody know if this revolver is concealable even if with the right holster (if there is one)? If it isn’t, what revolver can fire, let’s say, a 260gr load going at about 875 fps, that can be concealed? Been in the market for one for a while now.


The 4″ version should conceal fairly well, depending on your clothing requirements. I wouldn’t try to carry one under a tailored summer suit, but in other circumstances, it may just fit your needs.

I don’t know if you are looking only for a .45 Colt chambering, but you should be able to find some factory ammo in .44 Mag that meets your requirements. And, there are a few .44 Mag revolvers out there (such as the Smith and Wesson NightGuard) that are concealable.


Are you kiding ? I own a. .380 Bersa,,,15 round …. Springfield XDS .45
an a Panther Arms AR-15 with the best optics available,,, Remington 887 with an 8 rd 00 buck capacity
And Im about to buy a Ruger Super Redhawk @ .45 long cowboy Colt,,,because I can….

your answer is no,,, you can but that 7 1/2 ruger in your pocket, but I would suggest the .45 XDS Springfield to tuck

I have both Redhawk’s in .44 Mag and .45 LC with 4.20” bbls.
They shoot great and very controllable. I wouldn’t carry one concealed due to weight of gun. I carry them concealed while hiking in moose and bear country. It’s a workout for me because I am only 135 lbs dripping wet.

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