The New SIG P320: Striker-Fired, Modular Duty Pistol

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The NSSF’s SHOT Business magazine is reporting that SIG Sauer is getting ready to introduce a brand new product line called the P320 Modular Pistol.  The new SIG P320 will be a striker-fired, polymer framed handgun that is designed to easily change configurations to match the shooter’s hand and use.

A shooter can change the SIG P320 to different frame sizes, different hand sizes and even different calibers.  Essentially, a single serial numbered fire control unit serves as the basis for the pistol.  Different sized barrels, frames and magazines can then all be used with the pistol to make a semi-custom gun to match the shooter’s need.

Currently, the company has a modular pistol in the catalog: the P250.  The P250 is a hammer-fired gun, while the new P320 is striker fired.  While comparisons between the two guns will inevitably happen, a comparison of the new gun to Glock, Smith & Wesson’s M&P and Springfield Armory’s XD(M) is likely a better one.

Like the P250, SIG Sauer will offer the P320 in three basic fame sizes:  full, compact and sub-compact.  Barrels, slides and magazines will all be made to match the various frame sizes.  In theory, a shooter who wanted to buy only one gun could buy several kits from SIG Sauer and change the size and caliber of the gun at will.

Four calibers will be offered:  9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG and .45 ACP.  Magazine capacities will vary depending on the size of the frame used.  For the full size frames, capacities will be 17 rounds for the 9mm, 10 rounds for the .45 ACP and 14 rounds for the .40 S&W and .357 SIG calibers.  Smaller framed guns will have matching magazines with less capacity.  For example, the 9mm mag capacity drops to 15 rounds in the compact version and 12 rounds in the subcompact version.

The P320 frames will have a Picatinny rail, and all of the guns will ship with SIGLITE night sights.  MSRP will be $713 on each.

Ed. note:  The original photo of the SIG P250 was removed and replaced with the above graphic.  Even though it was captioned as a P250, SIG Sauer’s other modular pistol, it caused more confusion than it added to the article.  I apologize for any problems this may have caused.

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  1. Holy cow! Just a couple of hours ago, based on a few hints that I had, I predict the same thing over on my site! Turns out I was right! Wow, what a good guess! For my next trick, I’ll predict the Triple Crown winners this year and the selling price of Apple stock in a month! :)

  2. Sig, I believe, needs to work more on their QC than introduce more and more “modular” kit guns. Over the last 5-10 yrs:
    A) Quality has suffered.
    B) The prices have increased well over their value.
    C) Only gun maker of sub-$1,000 guns supplying only one magazine with initial purchase. The word is chintzy.
    D) All above reasons why I do not and will not have a Sig in my stable.

    • Hi LHS,

      Thanks for taking the time to post. SIG prices are definitely toward the high end of the market when compared to all of the polymer guns on the market.

      Regarding quality slipping in the past years, I haven’t seen it personally. I hear about it on the internet, but have not experienced it myself. I’ve been a SIG owner for about 20 years, starting with a West German P220 and most recently a P226 with the E2 treatment, with a few in between. I’ve tested a variety of their guns here and for other publications, plus worked at a 140+/- man PD that issued P226 handguns. Every one of them has been extremely accurate and reliable.

      I’m not saying there haven’t been problems, but I just haven’t experienced them.

      Regardless, I am looking forward to shooting one of these. It looks like it will be a big year for SIG with the new modular rifle system they have coming out, the P320 and some other additions to the existing lines.


    • I’ve personally seen a lot of issues with Sig springs failing which caused malfunctions in the gun or mags in duty weapons. With their 1911’s we had guys that at the three year mark all of ther mag springs went bad. 5-7 year mark on their other pistols. These were all guns that were not only carried but were used heavily by individual officer in training. The one positive note I may add was a Wolff spring kit had them running good as new. The Wislin Combat mags which I perfered got the sig 1911 guys issues fixed. At least the fixes were easy. I think I had almost a year waiting on critical part that wore out on me from another German maker and that was through their LE side. Or mim casted parts from a very expensive duty weapon literally bending and seizing up the gun at a critical moment. I think when guns are carried and used heavily one can see where some of the weaker aspects on any maker is or that one defective gun in the batch is pushed to where it has a failure. that Be it the sighs falling of a Glocks, Bertetta’s new and improved slides still cracking after high round counts and the list ones on all.


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