Caracal CC10 Carbine

Caracal CC10 picture

Introduced in the summer of 2012, the 2013 SHOT Show was our first opportunity to get our hands on the new Caracal CC10 9mm carbine.  The “CC” stands for “Caracal Carbine”.  The CC10 has a steel receiver and barrel, with a polymer frame, however no details were given on the type of steel. The CC10 […]

Glock RTF2 Second Impression


I caught a bit of heat after the 2009 SHOT Show when I posted that I was not impressed by the third generation Glock pistols with the RTF2 texture.  I didn’t much like the texture, nor did I think the groovy design of the crescent moon slide serrations did much for the user. Recently, I […]

Thompson/Center Venture Rifle


Thompson/Center (T/C) introduced the new Venture rifle at the 2009 SHOT Show. The Venture is designed to be an affordable rifle at only $499 MSRP (street price less), yet it offers the same T/C quality enthusiasts have found in their other firearms. The Venture is available in four popular calibers: .270 Win, 7mm Rem Mag, […]

KAC Chainsaw Machine Gun

Mossberg Chainsaw

Somehow I missed this gem at the 2009 SHOT Show.  Knight’s Armament showed a new chainsaw-styled machine gun, which is based on the Stoner LMG (light machine gun).  This functioning chainsaw machine gun is belt-fed, chambered in 5.56, and has an integral suppressor and 37mm flare launcher.  Oh, and the appearance kicks ass. Knight’s said […]

CORBON Now Loading Varmint Grenade Bullets

Corbon Varmint Grenade

CORBON is now loading the Barnes Varmint Grenade bullets in several calibers: .204, .22-250 and .223.  If you are not already familiar with the Varmint Grenade bullets, they are a line of rifle bullets with a copper-tin core that holds together at very high speeds, but violently fragments on impact.  As the name suggests, the […]

Stark Equipment SE-1 Grip for the AR-15

The Stark Equipment SE-1 is a polymer grip that replaces the standard AR-15 grip and trigger guard with a single polymer unit.  At the 2009 SHOT Show, I had a chance to preview the Stark SE-1, and I was impressed by the look and feel of the floor samples. Stark Equipment is now shipping the […]

SIG SAUER P232 Pistols: Updated for 2009

The SIG SAUER P232 pistol was updated for 2009.  The new P232 features a newly designed slide that reduces “slide bite” on larger hands and removable sights. For those not familiar with the SIG SAUER P232, the gun is a .380 ACP pistol that is more substantial in size and weight than the recent crop of […]

Taurus 738 TCP: .380 ACP Pistol Takes Aim at the Ruger LCP

Three versions of the Taurus 738 TCP, or Taurus Compact Pistol, were introduced at the 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando.  The TCP, also known as the model 738, is a .380 ACP pistol clearly aimed at taking market share from the wildy popular Ruger LCP. The TCP  is a very small, thin and lightweight polymer […]

Taurus Judge Public Defender

Taurus introduced the “Public Defender” revolver, another in the line of the Judge revolvers, at the 2009 SHOT Show. Chambering the same .45 Colt and .410 shotshells as the other handguns in the Judge line, the Public Defender is built on a smaller frame (the 85 series frame), and is clearly designed for concealed carry.  […]

Glock RTF2 Finish on the Glock 22: Thousands of Polymer Spikes

At the 2009 SHOT Show, Glock introduced a new texture called “RTF2.” Claiming to be the “the new standard for operators working in the harshest conditions imaginable,” the RTF2 features a new style of texturing on the grip frame, and a new serration pattern on the rear of the slide. The new RTF2 texturing on […]

Smith and Wesson Model 632

The modern Smith & Wesson 632 revolvers are a pair of J-frame revolvers chambered for the high-pressure .327 Federal Magnum cartridge.  One of the 632 revolvers was discontinued within two years of introduction, while the other has been in continuous production since 2009. Both revolvers target the concealed carry market, but from different angles. S&W […]

Colt Delta Elite: More Information and Photos

Frustratingly, there were few Colt sales people at their SHOT Show exhibit.  So, I didn’t get one for long, and what information I got was not terribly helpful. The re-introduction of the Colt Delta Elite is a special run only.  It is in the 2009 catalog, but only as a special run item.  Colt is […]

5.11 Casual Belt Review: Quality Gun Belt at Reasonable Price

Looking for a quality gun belt for concealed carry, but don’t want to spend a fortune?  5.11 may have just what you are looking for. Available in brown and black, the 5.11 Leather Casual Belt offers a sturdy platform to attach your holster to, while keeping a casual or dress-down appearance.  The 5.11 belt has […]