American Eagle Syntech Ammunition

American Eagle Syntech

Federal Premium will introduce a new line of ammunition under its American Eagle brand at the SHOT Show. Called Syntech, the new ammunition uses a polymer jacket instead of a more traditional copper one.

The new ammo will be offered in three handgun calibers at launch: 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Bullet weights will be typical for the caliber: 115 grains for the 9mm, 165 grains for the .40 and 230 grains for the .45.

Using a polymer jacket has a number of potential advantages for the company and the shooter. First, Federal may be able to manufacture these bullets for less money than if the company used a traditional copper jacket. This can work out to be lower prices for the consumer.

Secondly, by using a polymer jacket, there can be less fouling of the bore. Plain lead bullets can leave quite a bit of residue behind that is tough to scrub out. Copper jackets reduce the fouling, but copper is still tough to remove from a bore. Any polymer left behind is likely to be easier to remove from the pistol’s barrel.

Another potential benefit of using a polymer jacket is a reduction in “splash back” when shooting steel. Shooting steel targets is both fun and useful as a training tool. However, one of the risks involved bullet shrapnel bouncing back at the shooter. Even when operating at supposedly safe distances, I’ve seen part of a copper jacket come back and strike a shooter just above the eye. In theory, a polymer jacket will not rebound off of steel in the same way that copper would.

American Eagle Syntech ammunition is not the first time the company has used a polymer jacket. Federal used a polymer jacket on its popular Nyclad line of ammo many moons ago, and still does on the modern Nyclad .38 Special rounds.

For these loads, Federal used a soft lead alloy that would readily expand at even low velocities. However, copper jackets would inhibit expansion, and bare lead would leave a lot of gunk behind in the gun. To solve the problem, a polymer jacket was developed.

While the Nyclad line was eclipsed by other defensive ammunition lines, I am not familiar with any problems with the ammo caused by the polymer jacket.

I do not have any word on pricing yet for these rounds. As I get additional information leading into the SHOT Show, I will update this article.


HPR Black Ops Ammunition

[Ed. Note: Since I originally wrote this article about HPR Black Ops ammo, the company dissolved. It is no longer available. However, as there is likely some of this ammo still available out there, I am leaving the article up for informational purposes. If you come across any Black Ops 45 or discover the specs of the .223 loads, drop a comment below.]

Using lighter-than-typical bullets, the new HPR Black Ops ammunition promises to deliver superior accuracy and “unparalleled takedown force.” Initially, the Black Ops ammo will be offered in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Another load in .223 Rem is said to be available soon.


Win 300 BLK Ammo from Lehigh Defense

Lehigh DefenseFrom Lehigh Defense:

Lehigh Defense Offers Multiple Chances to Win Special Edition “300 Game Changer” Promotional Packages

Lehigh Defense, the premium ammunition and bullet manufacturer known for their innovative ammo and bullets, is working with top industry bloggers to offer readers multiple chances to win special edition “300 Game Changer” NRA promotional bullet and ammunition packages.


Caldwell Mag Charger for AR

Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger

Perhaps the coolest gadget I’ve seen at the SHOT Show so far this year is the Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger.  Being displayed at the Battenfeld Technologies booth, the Mag Charger is designed to quickly load AR-15 magazines in three easy steps.  According to the advertisement, the Mag Charger can load 30-rounds of ammunition from the box to the magazine in only 10 seconds.  The system is capable of loading .223, 5.56mm, and .204 ammunition.

The Mag Charger has a spring loaded ammunition tray designed for 50 rounds per load sitting inside of an open-topped plastic housing.  Loading 50-round boxes of ammunition that typically sit loosely in a plastic or styrofoam tray is best, but ammunition can be loaded individually if needed.


PCP Ammunition: Polymer Cased Ammo

As of December 2013, PCP Ammunition announced they are ready to start commercial sales of a polymer-cased .308 Win round. The new ammo will use a 168 grain Sierra MatchKing HPBT bullet, by far the preferred bullet for law enforcement snipers. Additional specifications have not yet been released. The following is the original article we wrote on the ammo from the 2012 SHOT Show.