Pink Kydex from Comp-Tac

Comp-Tac Pink Holster

Hot Pink Kydex is the latest offering from holster maker Comp-Tac.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the new pink plastic is available in 11 different products from paddle holsters to AR-15 magazine pouches.

According to Comp-Tac, there is no additional charge for the pink color.  The pink holsters can be ordered by phone or online from the company’s web site starting this coming Monday (February 4th).  Some of the colorful holsters will still use black mounting gear for a two-tone effect.

The Comp-Tac products available in Hot Pink Kydex include:

  • the paddle holster
  • the belt holster
  • the International
  • twin magazine belt pouch
  • light holsters
  • twin mag paddle pouch
  • combo pouch
  • beltfeed
  • Tek-Lok magazine pouch
  • the single mag pouch
  • the AR15 magazine pouches

Pink isn’t always my thing, but I do like the black and pink look on some of these holsters.  This may sound strange, but whereas I don’t normally like pink guns, pink holsters are pretty cool.

What I need is DeVito at Down Range Firearms Training to wear one with his sweater vest…  Can anyone make this happen?

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