I.O. Venom

IO Venom

I.O. Inc. will be shipping a new 1911 pistol later this year called the Venom.  The Venom is still in production, but is close to production.  A prototype was on the floor of the SHOT Show, and I.O. staff allowed us to photograph it.  Please note that the production gun will have higher quality machining and finishing than the prototype.

Two versions of the Venom will be available:  one with a Pakerized finish and the other with a Cerakote finish.  Both will be chambered in .45 ACP.  A final MSRP has not been set, but the company is expecting to sell the guns for about $580.


Venom pistol

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  • Vaughan Pederson

    The Venom pictured has a different pattern on the slide than on the grips. It would be much more aesthetically pleasing to have the pattern the same. Attention to detail is important in an industry that is so very competitive.