SAR Arms 9mm Carbines

SAR Arms 9mm Carbine

SAR Arms is showing two 9mm carbines at the 2014 SHOT Show: the 109T and the TE54.  Both are AR-style rifles with lowers that are specifically designed to take 9mm magazines.  The models shown were semi-automatic.

The 109T has a removable carry handle with a rear sight set for 50 and 100 yards.  The TE54 is a flat top version of the 109T.

Both guns have an 8.6″ barrel and are blowback operated.  The guns accept 20- and 30-round magazines.  The unloaded weight for both rifles is listed as 79.9 ounces.

SAR Arms 109T

No word on if these will be sold in the US or the MSRP.

SAR Arms TE54

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