Chiappa AK-9 Pistol: Your Thoughts?

Chiappa AK-9

If you’ve ever wanted a blow-back AK-ish pistol chambered in 9mm that took Beretta 92 magazines, Chiappa has the gun for you!

Expected to be shown at the 2016 SHOT Show, the new AK-9 from Chiappa Firearms is a semi-automatic pistol that has the look of an AK-style pistol but is not likely to share much in common with those guns. The guns use a straight blowback action and are fed from Beretta 92 magazines. The gun ships with a pair of 10-round mags.

[Ed. note: Chiappa has a new PDW-style gun that is much more attractive than this pistol. Check out the new CBR-9 pistol.]

Chiappa equipped the pistol with a 6.3″ barrel. Overall, the gun is 14.25″ in length. Mechanical sights are included, though I suspect many people will prefer to add a red dot of some type using the built-in Picatinny rail. The rear sight is fixed, while the front is adjustable.

Speaking of accessory rails, the gun has one underneath the barrel as well as a pair at the 3 and 6 o’clock positions. The underside rail ends with a ramped hand stop. The side rails are high up on the gun and well above the barrel.

The AK-9 pistol appears to use an AK-style magazine release and safety selector. A swivel is attached to the rear of the gun for a sling.

If you are not familiar with Chiappa, they produce a number of reproduction guns. Many people may be familiar with the Rhino revolvers the company introduced a few years ago. Although the Rhino is a nice shooting gun (even in .357 Magnum,) it is very much a niche gun that does not enjoy widespread popularity. Well, besides being one of the guns used in the remake of Total Recall.

The suggested retail price on this gun is $569. Frankly, this gun doesn’t do anything for me. What about you – are you interested in it at all? Sound off in the comment section below. Just try to keep it PG, please.

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

13 replies on “Chiappa AK-9 Pistol: Your Thoughts?”

I can see it as a candidate for SBRing or purely as a fun range blaster. But they really need a version that takes Glock mags.

Yep, definitely an SBR candidate. Might not even be hard to do an adapter, depending on how that sling swivel is attached. And, yes, Beretta mags instead of Glock mags is hard to understand.

its a matter of availablity im sure. girsan makes 92 clones, therfor chiappa has them too. so its just easier for them. im not complaining id rather them be 92 mags. im going to ge tthis so quick

I bet its because Chiappa and Beretta are both Italian companies. Aren’t they?

That’s the likely reason Hensley. The problem for the company, as I see it, is Glock magazines in the US market are plentiful, cheap and already in the hands of a lot of people. I don’t think that will make or break the gun, but it is a potential stumbling block for some customers.

I agree, they should of definitely went Glock magazine compatible, and lose all the rails or go bare bones kit.

They likely couldn’t use Glock mags the angle on them is probably too extreme and wouldn’t really work. If you look at the picture the Berretta mag is already canted forward and they have a less aggressive angle than the Glock mags…. Just my 2 cents

it probably uses the same 10 rd
“Beretta” mags that their M1-9mm uses….I have seen reviews saying that the standard 15 or 17 rd Beretta mags will fit but won’t stay in the guns. Do not know if that is true with the AK-9 as well as the M1-9. At any rate, I have a Beretta 92 so it would be convenient for me if they did work. Does anyone know if you can put a stock on it?

Its a great PCC start. I would jump for it in 10mm. utilizing Glock Mags. But as it sits even with Beretta 92 mags it like I said is a great start for a carbine, SBR, or box stock as built.

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