2012 SHOT Show

2012 Media Day at the RangeGunsHolstersAndGear will be at the 2012 SHOT Show this year.  This marks the fourth straight year of our attendance and reporting from the floor of the show.  As with prior years, we will bring you news, photos and videos of all the new guns and gear months before most of the magazines will publish anything about them.

Of course, SHOT Show rumors may also find their way onto the site.

The SHOT Show, or Shooting Hunting and Outdoors Trade Show, is an industry event sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  The SHOT Show is the largest firearms trade show in the United States, and one of the largest trade shows of any kind in the US.

A major part of the SHOT Show is the law enforcement and tactical equipment section.  The police gear will be reported on over at BlueSheepdog.com:  police gear at the 2012 SHOT Show.  For all other firearms, shooting and related information stick around right here.

2012 SHOT ShowPre-SHOT Show Announcements & Rumors

Media Day at the Range - SHOT Show

2012 Media Day at the Range

Ruger LCR booth

2012 SHOT Show

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